Tennessee Everything offers great pallets at a reasonable price. We deal with multiple big named retailers allowing for different merchandise all the time. Before you join us on the floor, we want to run through the basics. Below you will find a short list that will familiarize you with our process:

1. All sales are FINAL. Inspect your pallet before purchasing.

2. You are buying all items as is. There are no guarantees on any of the items you are purchasing.

3. If you do not have a resell certificate on file, you will incur a 9.25% state and local tax.

4. You may inspect pallets but do not remove any items from the pallet nor place items in another pallet.

5. You must take ALL contents from your purchase.

6. If purchasing a pallet, write the serial number of the pallet down and give it to the receptionist so the pallet can be pulled for transport and removal.

7. You have 2 business days to remove your merchandise. If your purchased items are on the premises for 3 business days or more, they will be disposed of and you relinquish all ownership.

8. No running or horseplay on warehouse floor. All children must be supervised at all times. (There is heavy moving equipment on the ground.)


Hours of Operation:

  • Monday–Friday:  8am–6pm
  • Saturday:  8am–8pm
  • Sunday:  Closed


Pricing can vary on the type of merchandise you’re buying. On some pallets we will have a raw end price. This means the price for the pallet will match those around it. How we formulate this price is that we consider each pallet that comes on the load of equal value in hopes to sell each of them. With these kinds of pallets there is usually a discount of around 10% when you purchase 10 or more pallets.

The second kind of pricing you’ll see is from a manifested pallet. On a manifested pallet you’ll see a spreadsheet of all the contents within the pallet as well as the retail value of each item. These pallets are sold by percentage points. You’ll see what percent you’re buying at and the manifest of each pallet available. The percentage point is determined by how much we paid for the load. We will find you the best price possible, but in the end we know it’s only a win if we both make money.