Wholesale Consignment in Tennessee


Working with wholesale merchandise daily we deal with hundreds of resellers, flea marketers, yard sellers and others just outright looking for a bargain. Each of these people have one thing in common, when they’ve made their money and are looking to buy more. They find out they are drowning with merchandise from previous purchases. When this happens, it leaves the individual, with very little space to acquire new inventory, in turn causing a loss in profit generation. This is where we come in, when you’ve made your profit and it’s time to liquidate everything, let us do it for you.

We have a variety of options in order to help you with your wholesale consignment needs, once we have acquired the consignors inventory we can then proceed to process it. We will work closely with you, finding the best way to generate the most profit. For some this means bulking the items and selling them in a wholesale lot, for others it may be individual, through online auctions and direct sales to our list of potential buyers both in and outside of Tennessee.

We will showcase your inventory in the best possible light in order to maximize the profit you receive from each sale. We take great pride in building a trusted relationship with our buyers and consignors to ensure repeat business.

As a consignor you will receive 50% of the total sale from any items that we list, we will incur any and all fees associated with the sale, including but not limited to, listing, shipping, and sales fees.

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Question:  Will you pick up our inventory or do we have to deliver it to you ?

Answer:  This depends on a few variables.  What is it that you are looking to put up for consignment?  How far away you are?  What does our current schedule and timeline look like?   Many things are taken into account but we will do our best to find a solution that works for you.


Question:  Do you only do consignment sales for other resellers, wholesalers, and retail businesses ?

Answer:  While the majority of our consignment sales, come from resellers looking to make space for new inventory.  But we do also take on individual consignments from people looking to clear estates, storage units, and every day items.   Feel free to contact us today to find out if we can help you with your liquidation needs.

Question:  My wife says I need to clean out the garage.  Can you help?

Answer:  Maybe! But it really depends on the contents of your garage, if you have a lot of great stuff that you no longer need we will be glad to help.   If you haven’t taken out the trash in a while, then its probably not likely that either of us will see a profit in selling it.


Last but not least, if you’re looking for Wholesale Consignment in Tennessee, nobody is going to work harder for you than Tennessee Everything Inc. We will relentlessly liquidate your merchandise in the most expedited manner possible.